Oral Surgery

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  • Relax with oral sedation during your surgery
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Get Gentle Oral Surgery in Foster City

You probably don’t want to think about having dental surgery done, as most people don’t. However, if you ever need oral surgery in Foster City, you won’t go wrong having your procedure performed at Stephen R. Henry, DDS. Dr. Henry has been delivering exceptional service for over 40 years in the same location. Thousands of patients have trusted him with their smiles, and you can too. Here are few reasons you’ll want to have your surgical procedure done here:

  • If you get nervous at the dentist, you can take advantage of oral conscious sedation to help you relax.
  • We offer blankets and cushions to help you feel cozy and at home.
  • Our office is stocked with advanced technology like a 3-D CT scanner and digital X-ray equipment.
  • Our team will always treat you with compassion and respect.

Call Stephen R. Henry, DDS today at 650-718-8087 to schedule a consultation. Besides Foster City, we also serve the communities of San Mateo, Belmont, San Carlos, Redwood City, Redwood Shores, and Millbrae.

Improve Your Oral Health With a Tooth Extraction

An oral surgical procedure doesn’t have to be stressful, especially at a dental practice as experienced as ours. Patients young and old trust us to do what’s best for their smiles. In turn, we work hard to give each patient a high level of dental care.

Tooth removal is one of the most common types of oral surgery. It’s one that our team specializes in. If you come in with an aching tooth, we’ll do all we can to save the tooth with a filling, a crown, or root canal. However, if keeping your tooth in place might jeopardize your healthy teeth, removing it will be the best option.

Dr. Henry will make sure that the area around the tooth is fully numbed before attempting to remove it. We don’t want you to feel any unnecessary discomfort. You’re also welcome to oral conscious sedation in pill form if you need help for dental anxiety. If will produce a complete feeling of calm and relieve your stress about your tooth. After your tooth is out, we’ll give you after-care instructions to help you enjoy a quick and easy recovery.

If you need oral surgery in Foster City, visit Stephen R. Henry, DDS. Call our office today at 650-718-8087 for an appointment. You can also request an appointment online.


Common Questions About Oral Surgery

When would I need oral surgery?

Tooth extraction is often needed if a tooth is too damaged to repair or if it is damaging your other teeth. In some cases, you need to have teeth removed to make room for dentures or another dental restoration.

When is oral surgery covered by insurance?

Dental insurance may cover a portion of your oral surgery. It is best to check with your individual policy to determine what is and is not covered and to determine what your portion of the cost will be. We will happily provide an estimate of the amount you will be responsible for.

When can I exercise after oral surgery?

We recommend not exercising at all for the first 24 hours after oral surgery. Trying to do too much too soon can actually prolong healing. Vigorous exercise can loosen the blood clot on an extraction site and lead to a painful dry socket. For the next few days, you should limit activities to low-impact exercises as a precaution.