Clear Aligners

Get A Better Smile With Aligners
  • Trust in our team’s many years of experience
  • Choose from two innovative orthodontic treatments
  • Achieve a straight smile & enjoy more confidence

Eliminate a Crooked Smile With Clear Aligners

If you’re an adult or teen who would like to achieve a straight smile but don’t want the hassle of metal braces, you’ll find some fantastic options at Stephen R. Henry, DDS. You can achieve the smile you’ve been wanting with Foster City clear aligners. As part of our cosmetic dentistry services, clear aligner treatment is superior in many ways to braces:

  • Your aligners will be made from smooth plastic for comfort.
  • There won’t be any metal wires, brackets, or bands to irritate your mouth.
  • Treatment is quick, with many patients completing their orthodontics in 12 months.
  • The aligners are discreet, and most people won’t notice them unless you point them out.
  • Since you can remove aligners for meals, you won’t miss out on any favorite foods.

To get started on your treatment, call our office today at 650-718-8087 for a consultation. We’re easy to find near the intersection of Foster City Boulevard and Marlin Avenue.

Clear Teeth Aligners Give You Superior Treatment

While traditional metal braces certainly work well, they’re no longer the only game in town like they were decades ago. Today, you have choices when it comes to your orthodontic treatment. You may be a good candidate for clear aligner therapy to straighten your crooked teeth. This innovative treatment is ideal for getting your dream smile without the burdens of standard braces.

The aligners will slip on comfortably over your teeth to gently move them into their proper positions. To maximize your treatment time, be sure to wear the aligners for at least 20-22 hours per day. You can remove them for eating, drinking, brushing, and special occasions. Just remember to put them back in when you’re done.

You’ll never worry about the embarrassment of having metal in your mouth during an important business meeting or when walking into a classroom. Your aligners will blend in so well with your smile, they are difficult to spot while wearing them.

We offer two types of clear aligners:

  • Invisalign – These teeth aligners revolutionized orthodontics almost two-and-a-half decades ago with an alternative to braces.
  • SureSmile® – This method works in a similar way to Invisalign, but is usually more budget-friendly.

We’ll discuss both options with you and help you decide which one will work best for your needs. To find out more about clear aligners in Foster City, Call Stephen, R. Henry, DDS today at 650-718-8087. You can also request an appointment online.


Common Questions About Clear Aligners

Who do clear aligners not work for?

Clear aligners can address many of the same issues as conventional braces. However, not everyone is a candidate for this treatment. Sometimes the severity of the problems requires a more involved solution. That said, you will never know the best way forward until you schedule a consultation with us.

Are clear aligners visible?

Teens and adults often prefer clear aligners to traditional metal braces because they are clear and nearly impossible to see. People may not even notice you’re wearing them unless you point them out, so you’ll feel much more confident about their appearance while at school and in social or professional settings. You can also remove your aligners for a short time for photos or special events.

How do clear aligners work?

Unlike traditional braces that use metal brackets, bands, and wires, our aligner therapy uses clear plastic trays to straighten your teeth. You simply slide the aligners over your teeth and wear them for at least 20-22 hours a day. You can freely remove your aligners for eating, brushing, or a special occasion, so long as you put them back in when you’re done.